(1) The First 10 Things that Happen on a Pub-Crawl

Join BIG SEA little boat this week, as I countdown ‘Thirty Things that Happen on a Pub Crawl‘ and end the week with the announcement of the Top 3 Pub Crawls in Europe…. enjoy our gif posts and follow the blog on social media for more! 

Every backpacker has found themselves on a pub crawl in one city or another.. and why not?? It’s a cheap way to get drunk and make friendships that last the entire night.. but, the more pub crawls you find yourself joining, the more you realize that the night will always go the same way….

1. First, you spend 10 minutes calculating the pub crawl price

Will those drink promotions and free entry really save that much money?


2. And here’s the charming pub crawl organizer that seduces you into going anyway

They’re half drunk, beautiful and promise a fun night…


 3. But in Bar #1, they disappear

Just as you hand over your money, the beautiful seducing organizer is running off to find the next group of friends to convince into joining. You won’t see them for the rest of the night.


4. To celebrate your payment, here’s an oversized t-shirt!

You spent 3 hours getting ready to go out and now they’re trying to redress you into a XL t-shirt. As if the paper-wristband and stamp on your hand wasn’t enough. But you appreciate things that are free, and so you’re willing to look a bit stupid if it means you get to keep it.


 5. Going to the bathroom with your new accessories

You gotta make sure that the new t-shirt shows off your booty or those plastic sunglasses still compliment your eyebrows. You spent (way) too long doing your eyebrows and you’ll be damned if they’re getting outshone by a pair of pink specks.



6. Awkward first conversations

You’re on the pub crawl to make friends. But you’re not drunk. So what ensues are awkward and dull conversations in which you meet people and learn their life story.


7. Awkward conversations inspire you to get drunk as fast as possible

Quietly excuse yourself from a conversation about the tech industry in SF to sneak some shots.


8. You’ve already spotted the cutie you’re going to talk to later

Well, since the pub crawl seducer has gone AWOL, you’ve had to move on. It wasn’t that difficult anyway. You’ve now got your eye on the cutie in the corner, talking with their friends and you’re desperately trying to catch their eye.


9. You’re tipsy and oh yes! time to go to the next bar, #2!

You’ve already talked to the entire bar, you’ve done the whole “where-are-you-from-what- do-you-do” shite with everybody. The problem is, you’re tipsy enough that you’re starting to forget peoples’ names. God forbid you have the same conversation with the same person again. On the bright side, Bar #2 might have a dance-floor and you want to be the first one there.


10. You decide to walk with randommers to make new friends.

You exchange a drunken conversation, find out some information about them but also forget their name the second they tell you.


Tune in on Wednesday to find out what happens next….

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