(2) 10 More Things That Happen on a Pub Crawl

You’ve started the night out in a city you don’t know all that well….

An expensive pub crawl ticket got you a beer, some watered-down shots, an over-sized t-shirt and a paper wristband.

The night has begun in a dark, dingy bar with people to sober for their own good. But now, everyone’s starting to get a little bit tipsy, a bit flirty and eagerly awaiting Bar #2.

11. Queuing in the cold for the next bar

You’re starting to miss the low-ceilings and gloomy darkness of Bar #1. It feels like you’ve been standing around outside forever. But the pub crawl organizers are already 17 drinks ahead of you and are really trying to keep you motivated as you wait.


12. Finally getting into Bar #2 and getting your shot

The guy in the doorway is overseeing the ‘one-shot-per-person’ and you’re so drunk and happy to see him with his little plastic cups.



13. The shot is surprisingly strong, but you don’t know what it is.

Wine? Spirit? Flavored water that you’re overestimating ? Who knows!



14. There’s a rush for the bar because nobody’s as drunk as they want to be yet

Dry-mouthed, cold and thirsty- you follow the surge of people flowing to the bar as the bartenders look on, not impressed.



15. You’re starting to feel drunk so you want to do a bit of dancing

You feel incredible. You look a bit ridiculous (still sporting some pub crawl brands) but those 2 for 1 drink promotions got you buzzing.



16. You talk to your crush and realize they’re boring AF

Remember that cutie you saw in Bar #1? Well, it turns out they use the word ‘bro’ or ‘like’ and don’t seem to have much going on behind their eyes. But, hey, they’re hot. You’re not on a pub crawl to find your soulmate. Smile through their bullshit, just imagine how hot they are under that tight shirt.


17. The music is crap

This isn’t the sexy stuff you’re tipsy ass can dance to. Bar #2 seems to have a license to only play weird techno music that nobody understands. The strobe lights are lighting up an empty dancefloor and everyone that even tries to have a go at the beat looks like a complete idiot.



18. Time to trek across the world, to Bar #3

Happy to leave the shit music, you enter into the streets with the group with high hopes of chart music and more shots. But after walking for what feels like 17 hours, you’re still not there!???


19. Pub crawl organizers have evolved in to traffic wardens

Suddenly, they have 30 drunk-af people to look after on a city street. You think they’re being a bit too serious but when they stop you from walking out into oncoming traffic, you now owe them your life.


20. On this walk, you have an existential crisis

Being herded like sheep makes you question if you are all just sheep. Are pub crawls just an analogy for life? Are we just going bar to bar forever? Just get another drink, you’ll get over it soon enough.



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