image New Food Blog Series Announcement

After Yo! Sushi closed down earlier this year  the hunt is on to find the next best affordable sushi in Dublin city!

Many of Big Sea Little Boat readers have shared a similar disenchantment in finding a sushi alternative since Yo!Sushi’s closure. Dublin is a city packed with sushi restaurants and takeaway sushi; but nobody can seem to find the best affordable and consistent place in the city!

Due to the many messages and inquiries received, we’re going to do the work for you!

We’re taking to the streets of Dublin to find the best Salmon and Avocado Norimaki roll! We’re going to be judging them on 3 things: taste, presentation and value for money.

11 (2).jpg

Check back on Nov 12th for the result!

Follow the adventure on Snapchat with ‘annieblogstoo’ 

And, as always on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Think your restaurant has what our readers want? Contact us here!




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