The Best Pub Crawls

From London to Paris, New York to Bangkok- finding the perfect night out in any city can be difficult. If you don’t know the bars, the clubs or the people- ‘going out’ can mean spending a lot of money on mediocre cocktails in dead bars, pretending you’re having the night of your life. Pub crawls all over the world are the best way to meet people, get smashed and guarantee yourself a memorable night out in a city you don’t know that well. If you are thinking about visiting these cities, these pub crawls are a must!

1. Ultimate Party Leidseplein

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

New_flyer_LP_PC DEF.jpg

Amsterdam is a hard city to find a good night out in that doesn’t involve getting lost AF or high on drugs. Ultimate Party offers a fantastic pub crawl in the two areas of the city with the best bars, clubs and pubs! Definitely the cheapest way to get drunk in the capital, their motto is more of a prophecy: “a night you won’t remember but never forget”. 

How much?



7 nights a week!

What you get:

• 30 minutes free Vodka Shots
• 6 Dance bars and clubs
• 6 free drinks
• Vodka Shots between Venues
• Free Entrance to all venues
• Professional guides
• Girls receive a free Souvenir T-shirt

Why I love it:

Even after living in Amsterdam, finding a good night out in the city without getting drugged up is always so difficult. Most people just want to do mushrooms or smoke pot and relax, and finding a place to drink and dance can be wearisome. I’ve done this pub crawl more times than I can name, because Ultimate Party know where the party is and with them, you’re guaranteed to get smashed…

Checkout their website Here!


2. Siem Reap Pub Crawl

Siem Reap, Cambodia


There’s a lot of amazing places to drink in SE Asia, but nothing beats the pub crawl that takes you through the heart of Cambodia’s biggest party city. From fire-eaters to *yummy* insects, 4$ buckets and beer pong: nothing beats the Siem Reap Pub Crawl if you want to make friends and experience everything Pub Street has to offer!

How much? 



Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

What you get: 

A free t-shirt

Entrance to 6 free clubs

6 free shots

Why I love it: 

When I was working in Siem Reap in 2015, trying to meet new people was always awkward with our hostel out of the way and the bars pretty quiet. I think I’ve been on the Siem Reap pub crawl about 10 times in the space of 6 weeks… it’s the only place in Siem Reap that bands everyone together. All the cuties from the hostels come out of the woodwork, and you get to meet every backpacker in the city and get completely wasted.


Check out their Facebook Page!


3. Bingo Bar Crawl

Budapest, Hungary


A refreshing take on the modern pub crawl: the Bingo Bar Crawl is probably the most original and successful bar crawls I’ve ever been on! From making human pyramids to crazy shots: the bar crawl gets you involved with everybody! 

How much?

17 euros


Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday!

What you get:

1 hour unlimited beer and wine

3 free club entry

Free shots

The opportunity to experience the best drunk game you will ever play

Why I love it:

When I got to Budapest, I was 4 weeks into my solo trip around Europe and feeling a bit lonely. I didn’t like the idea of going on a pub crawl alone and even after all my travels, I was anxious about it. But literally, two minutes into signing up and I was given an amazing partner and made lifelong friends with everyone else on the pub crawl. It’s a surreal and surprising night, a mess of crazy people (doing tequila suicides and swapping shirts, licking each others feet and giving massages), and it’s probably the best fun I’ve ever had.

Check it out for yourself here




Do you think your pub crawl beats these? Want to get involved with our sponsors at Contact us here!

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