Start-Up Launches Hipster-Worthy Travel Card for Europe

Dublin-based travel start-up Capture Travel launched their discount Capture Travel Card yesterday via the crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo.

The card, from what I gather, is a discount card that gets you deals in specially selected businesses in European capitals. It sounds pretty cool. The aim of the card is to give young adults a more authentic experience in Europe by promoting small businesses. I see where they’re going with it. I think it’s important that people-especially young ones- visiting Europe don’t just think that all there is to Amsterdam is a canal, like Buckingham Palace is to London or Trinity College is to Dublin. There’s way more to a city than just its landmarks and Capture Travel is promoting cool things to eat, drink and do- in places where the young(er) locals go to hang out. So, next time I go to Vienna- I’ll find some underground bar with a Capture Travel card deal, and then some Austrian will whisk me off my feet! (Hopefully)

Capture Travel’s marketing campaign has hipster vibes for ultra-cool hangouts (like warehouses, converted buildings and rooftops- I mean, where else would we all be chilling?)  and unique products (like sushi burritos! My prayers have been answered!) with the likes of independent coffee houses, underground bars, themed restaurants and alternative experiences like cat cafes (!!!) getting involved across Europe.

It’s only 25 euros and its going to be so worth it: I love nothing more than getting some discounted deals and freebies (I think it’s the old student coming out in me again).

I bought one on Indiegogo, and it’s pretty easy: all you have to do is select the perk on the right hand column and make the payment. It says they’ll ship by February 20th on their website, so I’ll hopefully get mine in time for my trip to Berlin and Amsterdam at the beginning of March. (They have these bubble waffle things on their Instagram too, and I’m dying to find out where I can get them!)

Check their website out here:

This is the link to the crowdfunder where you can get your card: Capture Travel Card

And this is their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

I stole some of their graphics from the crowdfunder for you guys to have a look:


Here are the waffle things (seriously, where do I get them!):



  1. Interesting, I did not know anything about travel cards. Given that Europe is expensive compared to other countries, it is a great way to save some money. I will give it a try on our next Europe travels. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I’ve never heard of this! Sounds like it could be a pretty cool idea. I’ll have to keep this in mind for when I’m back in Europe this spring.


  3. This is so interesting – never heard of it before. Sounds great if they really promote places off the beaten tracks – and probably allows a closer look on everyday’s life and to meet local people (just like you are planning for Austria – good luck with that project 😉 )


  4. Great initiative taken by Capture Travel! Discounted deals and freebies are always a welcoming deal. Nice to know they are promoting small businesses as well, in addition to diverting the youth to a more authentic European travel experience.


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