Procrastination level: Capture Travel

Exams are coming up and I’ve already had my yearly limit of red bull and Berocca boost. I got a chipper every day this week and started watching ancient Pewdiepie videos to distract myself from the load of work I still need to get through….

… But there’s hope on the horizon!

The new travel company, Capture Travel, has recently launched their end of year trips for students in Ireland!

Suddenly, life doesn’t look so bad.

The end of year trips departing Cork, Shannon and Dublin airport are happening in June and they’re so cheap for what’s included… And, realistically, I’d pay anyone just to give me another way to procrastinate right now.

I’ve got my ticket: 230 euro from Cork airport, with everything included so I don’t even have to worry about booking things (except my dad who’s dropping me to the airport at 5 am that morning)

Not only do they book your flights, accommodation (in a pretty great party hostel if I may say so myself), transport, walking tours, museums + more. They also provide someone young and fun to walk you through every step of the way. It just sounds like a huge pub crawl from Cork airport for two nights, and I’m so in.

I’m already dreaming of London- pub crawls and Harry Potter, shopping in the Camden Markets, eating Yo! Sushi and having  tea with the Queen….

If you’re looking to procrastinate, you can have a look at their website at and their Facebook page

or the ticket page to get your ticket before they run out!

PARTY (1).png

from their Facebook page

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