Beach Must-Haves 2018

10 Things

1. An Amazing Float


With this float, you’ll be the bell of the beach (and the envy of small children). Whether you’re relaxing on the sand or floating in the ocean- it’s perfect for a sunny break or just to sit out in the back garden to soak up this amazing weather! Not to mention, it’s the most instagramable thing since brunch. You can get it right here.


2. The Wonderboom


It’s wonderful. And bestselling. Trust me, you don’t want to settle down for a day of sunbathing to find you can’t hear your phone  above the waves . Get this before you go and make sure you can listen to your favorite music.  The Wonderboom is water-proof, meaning you could even take it for a swim and do a bit of karaoke in the sea. It’s expensive but it’s compact, waterproof and it will last a lifetime for all your festivals, camping trips and adventures! See it for yourself here


3. The Polaroid Camera


Now’s the time. You’ve been wanting one for years. This summer is your summer.  A phone’s just not gonna cut it in the competitive online environment when literally everyone else is off on their holiday’s too! Glam it up with some polaroids that not only make a indie, cool photo-of-a-photo grams, but can also go up on your wall! Get it here!


4. Water-Shoes


What are those! These cutsie little slip-ons are perfect for chilling out on the beach and not having to deal with loose slippy sandals or getting your nice shoes wet. You can do your Baywatch-style slow-mo run into the ocean without worrying about stepping on a piece of glass or a sharp shell (been there).  And I know beach shoes might not be ‘catwalk’ material but LOOK at the colours. They’re gorge. You can check them out here for less than €12


5. Wine-baggy


Here’s a pro-beach tip: lots of beaches don’t allow glass! That means you can kiss your 7 euro bottle of Tesco wine goodbye. There is a solution for you: an entire bag. Forget carrying heavy bottles, just pour the wine into your wine baggy and you’re all set for the rest of the day. You could even make a cocktail mix and pour it in- the best part is there’s room for an ice-pack if you prefer your Chardonnay chilled. If you’re really looking to have people in awe of you and be everybody’s new best friend; you could even by some non-breakable glasses to divvy it out. Or just knock your head back and pour it directly into your mouth, I’m not going to judge. Get it here!


6. Beach blanket


The perfect beach blanket for chilling out on a hot day- with so many different uses. It can be your beach blanket, your shoulder shawl for the hot sun, your superman hipster cape, a wall tapestry for when you get home, an Instagram like magnet, a throwback to the John Denver song, your new Facebook cover and much, much more. So worth it. See it  here

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